While breastfeeding is natural, it involves some learning and plenty of practice. Whether you choose to breastfeed, pump, bottle feed or do a combination, our team of lactation consultants will nurture you, so you can nurture your baby.

One of our Board Certified Registered Nurse Lactation Consultants will come to your home to support you and your baby through the initial stages of breastfeeding or you can choose to schedule a private appointment in our breastfeeding clinic.

Our boutique specialty store in West Seattle offers all the supplies you need for nursing and pumping. We also understand that you may not want to leave your home in the first couple of weeks for breastfeeding supplies or a breastpump.

To make your transition to motherhood easier, one of our team members can personally deliver, set-up, and custom fit most of our store items in the privacy of your home.

To schedule an appointment, have your questions answered or for a free quote:

Call 206-763-2733 today.

  • We offer in-home lactation support or private appointments in our breastfeeding room.

  • All lactation appointments will provide a complete breastfeeding assessment.