Compression Therapy FAQ

It is the use of applying a specifically designed garment around your limb to increase support of your veins and lymph system.

There is a wide range of use for compression therapy. Almost anyone can benefit
from compressions therapy. Those needing support for their circulatory system due
to common medical conditions will be:

  • Those who travel frequently or who plan on travelling internationally
  • Athletes, especially long distance runners and bicyclists and triathlon participants
  • Pregnant and newly postpartum mothers suffering from swelling of their legs and ankles or varicose veins
  • People with diabetes that suffer from circulatory problems
  • The elderly who suffer from poor blood circulation or swelling of their limbs due to poor circulation of their lymphatic system
  • People in professions that require sitting for long amounts of time such as airline pilots or office workers
  • People in professions that keep them on their feet for long amounts of time such as nurses or those in the hospitality field
  • Anyone who suffers from varicose veins
  • Post-surgical patients who may be prone to developing lymphedema

Graduated (tight at the bottom, loose at the top) compression therapy comes in
varying levels. To know what type of compression you should use, first consult your

The levels of compression are designed for different uses:

  • 15-20mm Hg is the lowest level of compression. This is recommended for most issues such as type of profession, travel, athletic use and support of mild varicose veins and edema (swelling) of the ankles and legs
  • 20-30mm Hg is the next level and considered a medical grade level of compression. It is used for moderate varicose veins and edema as well as other circulatory issues, athletes and professions that keep you in your feet or seated for long amounts of time
  • 30-40mm Hg generally is prescribed by doctors for pronounced and /or severe venous insufficiencies, post-surgical and post-traumatic edema and lymphedema

Our staff has been certified as compression fitters and will spend time with you to find out your needs for compression and will personally measure you in order to get you the best fitting compression.

Your insurance provider may have a benefit for some types of compression therapy and a prescription may be required. We suggest you call your insurance provider to see if you have a benefit. If you need help to determine your benefit, we are happy to call your insurance provider to inquire on your behalf. With almost ten years of experience, our billing department can directly bill your insurance for you so that you don’t have to do all the work of requesting reimbursement yourself.

We are in-network providers with most insurance companies.

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